A better workplace for all

We want what's best for your business. That means maximizing your workplace potential and the well-being of your members.


Our Story

Upskip was founded by a Y Combinator-backed team based out of Montreal, Canada after having felt the pain of trying to find an affordable and user-friendly booking solution. The team had initially, built and scaled a marketplace for brick-and-mortar retail which - faced challenges during Covid times. In an effort to create a value-added booking software which would solve a current and relevant problem, our team founded an all-in-one workplace management platform that makes it easier for companies to run their coworking space or hybrid workplaces.

With the aim of being a part of the solution in response to the new norms, we're offering fully contactless features and tracing protocols to all of our partners. Upskip was built to solve your real-world workplace challenges with a value-added suite of solutions.